He can walk horizontally and vertically on the earth and stars,But to the sky star,Into the vast planetary cultivation system,He’s nothing。

Practicing Nine Ranks Profound Art,Not only did Zhao Dabao improve his living space,Also opened up his vision space。
Let Zhao Dabao know about the nine-turn profound art,Beyond Earth,Beyond the celestial planet,There is one more dazzling、A more brilliant practice world。
It’s just that these things are too far away from him,With the character of this kid Husky, he wouldn’t even think about things so far away.。
What he considers is the immediate matter、Reality,Thinking about how to live every day,Loaded every day,This is what he considers。
“okay,baby,I also know how you got here,Then tell me,How did you make it like this?”
Zhao Dabao never forgets,Although there is more baby boy,One more Dinghai Shenzhen,But his spiritual knowledge is gone,This has to be explained?At least let him know why?
Heard dad’s question,Tong Sheng said a little embarrassed:
“Dad,Blame me too,I didn’t control the intensity at the moment when my mind was born,I ate all your spiritual knowledge at once。”
“Eat it all?You are so young,Just a hair,Oh,wrong、wrong,Just a needle,Can you eat?”
“Can’t eat?”
Tong Sheng is obviously not satisfied with Zhao Dabao’s skeptical attitude,
“Dad,Don’t look at me,I’m a god in the world,Don’t talk about dad
The Sea of Knowledge,I can eat even the sea of consciousness who is innately trained。“
Speaking of here,Tongsheng is full of apologies:
“Dad,do not worry,I’ll spit back your spiritual consciousness in a while。only,Dad,only···”
Listening to children“only”,Zhao Dabao’s heart is tight,by,broken,My newly acquired baby boy also has moths,How was born,ontmThe same as me,I want to spit out what I got,Will definitely get back the deduction 100%。
Forget it,What else does my son have??Whatever you can spit out,It’s better than the remaining hair。