No matter how things develop,Father Zhu Baiyi came forward,You Baichuan has to give this face。

It’s just that the development of the situation is really a stage play with a magical turn,How to develop,Not only did the bodyguard turn around like a circle,Even the many rich and powerful people present have come to the opposite of You Baichuan。
If you follow this rhythm,Not much time,You have to become a public enemy of the many rich people present。
Vermilion complexion red,Raise Qianqianyu’s hand,Rubbed his forehead vigorously,What happened tonight is really weird。
Regardless of value、wealth,Or from the people present,You Baichuan all have an absolute advantage。
As the weaker, Zhao Dabao,The original disadvantage is obvious、Difficult situation,How come you inexplicably turn your disadvantages into advantages step by step??
Did not hear sharp words,Did not see great strength,There is no heavyweight to help。
In this kind of“Three no”in the case of,There has been a turning point development,What is this situation?
red,Clever,And received higher education beyond ordinary people。Especially under the teachings of his father Zhu Baiyi,I came into contact with business at a very young age。
From this perspective,Vermillion Wisdom、Alert,No less than the many rich people present here。
Even more than some people in some respects,For example, women are naturally delicate、sensitive,And the mysterious woman’s sixth sense。
These women’s unique qualities,Make certain aspects of Vermilion more prominent。
But she is such a high-quality and outstanding woman,I can’t understand Zhao Dabao’s operations。
Of course,What Zhao Dabao did,And the changing state of affairs,There is still a reason。
Especially the most important thing is its own strength,To face any of the rich and the real Jane,Fearless、Fearless,Natural sway。