A kind reminder to security guard Xiao Li,Chen Kun, deputy director of the Department of Economics and Management, gave a look of relief and thanks。

Chen Kun had a wrong understanding at this time,What he thought Xiao Li said,And reminding eyes,It means that the freshman who is reporting has a background,Or even a family member of a big leader。
After Zhao Dabao put down the big box of camphor wood,Chen Kun’s idea is more determined。
When the big box of camphor wood was put down,Two beauties, big and small, debut。
Needless to say the youngest,Youthful and beautiful、energetic and cute,Must be a freshman reported。
And this old beauty,Do not,Can’t be called a beauty,I have to be called a beautiful lady。Graceful、Dignified and generous,It’s from the big family。
Zhao Min,The conditions are excellent,In addition, at this stage, Zhao Dabao changed his tricks to condition Zhao Min’s mother and daughter.,Zhao Min already has the charm of some cultivators。
There is no way not to have,This time,Zhao Dabao is waiting for Danshui almost every day,Zhao Min’s temperament、skin、Can you look bad??
In order for Zhao Min’s mother and daughter to practice as soon as possible,From two months ago,Zhao Dabao dissolved Xiaohuandan into the water in a certain proportion,Let the two beautiful women drink every day。
Plus the jade pendant made by Zhao Dabao for them,It also has the effect of changing physique。
And half a month ago,Zhao Dabao has taught Zhao Min’s mother and daughter the basic method of tuna。
Combining these three reasons,Can accurately say,Zhao Min’s mother and daughter are already half-footed on the road of cultivation。
Only after Zhao Dabao breaks through to Master Dark Jin,You can use your strong internal energy,Let Zhao Min’s mother and daughter enter the level of inner strength in one fell swoop。
Actually,Take Zhao Dabao’s existing repair,Plus many elixirs。Half a month ago,He can let Zhao Min’s mother and daughter break through to Xiaocheng in advance。
But this kid also knows,If you break through to Xiaocheng in advance,Will bury hidden dangers for Zhao Min’s mother and daughter’s future practice。
Uphold the practice and practice to the best effect,That’s why Zhao Dabao didn’t do that。
Wait for Zhao Dabao to break through to the junior level,The physical fitness of Zhao Min’s mother and daughter is also adjusted to the best condition,Breakthrough in this case,Is the strongest、
The most solid breakthrough。
After so long conditioning,There is already a kind of ecstatic temperament in Zhao Min’s body。