Ok,Centennial Astragalus,collected!

I rely on,This is a goblin for two hundred years,collected!
what is this?long,I rely on,Two hundred years of saffron,collected!
What is this stone for?I go,Isn’t this obsidian for refining??tooTMPrecious,collected!
Zhao Dabao in front,After the flowers,Zhang San、Li Si is waiting around,This treasure hunt,by,will not,What is that treasure hunt,ThisTMIs picking up treasure。
This way,Zhao Dabao’s container-sized storage bracelet was almost packed in more than half。
This is what Zhao Dabao picked,What kind of medicinal materials for decades?,Tons of gold,I picked up all these things,Just throw it aside。
He picked,It’s totally over a hundred years of medicinal materials,Precious anomalous matter,As for some medicines that have an effect on the inner strength martial artist,Zhao Dabao threw it all at Huahua,Let the little guy take care of it。
suddenly,Huahua shouted in surprise:
“Dad,This is my companion flower。”
I heard Huahua’s exclamation,Zhao Dabao has already reached Huahua’s side。
I saw one half a meter high,The lush black plants appeared in front of Zhao Dabao。
This black plant is pitch black from head to toe,Black leaves,Black flowers,Like a black peony standing proudly,Black translucent,Black glow。
When Zhao Dabao’s eyes fell on the black flower on the companion flower,Feel a deep、The strange whirlpool appears,Suddenly grabbed his consciousness and yanked inward。
How powerful is Zhao Dabao’s spiritual consciousness?,Acquired intermediate level god
knowledge,Don’t talk about this black companion flower,Just ten、Hundreds can’t compete。
it is good,Since the black companion flower wants to devour my consciousness,I’ll let you swallow enough,I still don’t believe it,With the mental power of my acquired real person, I can’t clean up your little companion flower?