“Haha”Smile,Zhao Dabao’s cheerful expression:

“Mr. Zhu,Of course what you said is true。Otherwise, why would I be free to intervene in the auction of magical instruments?,It was the words you chatted with Vermilion that got me。But again,Jian Yi, the little old man is still a little capable,That magical artifact also has good power。If i don’t stop your purchase,You just spend more money wrongly。In that case,Please ask Jane to help,There should be no problem。”
“Hey,Mr. Zhao,Spend more money,I don’t care about Zhu,I care about you。through this matter,I can make friends with Mr. Zhao,It’s more important than anything。”
From Zhu Baiyi’s words,Zhao Dabao clearly heard the Zhu Group’s intention to rely on。
And from this exchange meeting between the two cities,After Zhu Baiyi got his own call,It can be seen in the behavior of all the bosses of heavyweight companies in Sui City,Zhu Baiyi not only meant to take refuge,More reliant action。
Zhao Dabao is very close and pats Zhu Baiyi on the shoulder,I’m a leader、I am a big shot“Peerless”Style:
“Mr. Zhu,I also appreciate you。How about this,Don’t just call you by yourself,You just call me Dabao,It also seems close?”
When I heard Zhao Dabao say that,Zhu Baiyi’s heart moved,This is Mr. Zhao accepting me。
but,Acceptance into acceptance,Accredited,I listen to what Mr. Zhao said,Call Mr. Zhao Dabao,I don’t seem to be qualified yet。No way,Can’t call now,The time to call Dabao hasn’t arrived yet。
Thought of here,Zhu Baiyi has become more respectful:
“Mr. Zhao,How dare I call you Dabao,I’m not qualified enough。How about this,I listen to your request,Don’t call you respectfully,I will directly address Mr. Zhao as you.,This is good?”
Respect for Zhu Baiyi,Zhao Dabao’s heart appreciates the richest man in Sui City in front of him。The richest man really can be a man,Also know the choice,How else can this Zhu billion yuan be the richest man in Sui City??
The smile on his face is getting thicker,The emotions in the language are also more satisfied,Zhao Dabao’s Harmony and Whispering Way:
“Mr. Zhu,such,I’ll just call you Meng Jiang,Let’s be in contact for a long time,You know what kind of person i am。As the saying goes,Not afraid to meet late,I’m afraid the relationship won’t develop。”
At this time, Qin Yuanzheng who followed Zhao Dabao more than one step away,Straight head,Mr. Zhao has never seen this style of play,The language is really rich。