He knew that someone had brought three tickets for first-class seats,But got in the car alone,This person is the young man Zhao Dabao not far from him。

When checking the ticket before boarding,Zhao Dabao was picking up the ticket,Took them out。
It wasn’t Zhao Dabao intentionally,But after buying the ticket,Three tickets are put together。
Xia Guo in the nineties,Real-name train ticket system has not been implemented,So when buying a ticket,You can buy three tickets by yourself。
When the flight attendant Xiao Gao finished checking the ticket,I asked casually:“Excuse me,When will the two passengers arrive?“”
Zhao Dabao’s happy way:
“Those two can’t come,I am the only one in the car now。”
To Zhao Dabao’s answer,The flight attendant Xiao Gao took a look at Zhao Dabao,Still muttering in my heart:
This guy looks young,It’s a bit twitchy when working,If the two tickets are invalid, they will be invalid,Not even refund,Looks like it’s not bad money。
Chapter Three Hundred and Twenty Five Story on the train(two
It’s just that Xiao Gao looks at this kid’s clothes,It’s not like rich,A set of slightly outdated Lining sportswear is still a bit off the line。If such young people are also rich,Then there are too many rich people, right?。
Since it’s not a rich person,What kind of public company is that?,The non-refundable ticket is to overstate the subsidy for two people。