In the afternoon sun,Show off the bizarre brilliance。

In the middle of the magic weapon is a pair of yin and yang fish,One black and one white are like fish in the water、Birds in the sky move back and forth。
This is still a magic weapon,Is simply a spiritual creature!
As the gossip magic weapon contains Zhao Dabao’s spirit and blood,So no refining,This magic weapon is connected to Zhao Dabao’s heart、Heart-to-heart。
Looking at the gossip magic weapon hanging in the air,Zhao Dabao pondered slightly,Already came up with a name:
“This treasure is mainly Buddha gold,Variant space materials supplemented,Combined with the above product Xiaohuandan to form into gossip。Gossip Serve,Offense and defense。Attack can form a gossip pattern,Trap the enemy、Kill the enemy;Guard against,Automatic defense spirit class、Attacks on matter and everything else,It’s a leader among magic weapons,So named”
At this time, the little ghost Huahua leaped out from behind Zhao Dabao.,Staring at this magic weapon hanging in the air,It knows that this magic weapon was refined for it。
Look at the whole body,The magic weapon of fluorescent flash,Xiaogui Huahua’s heart is extremely excited,This magic weapon is to some extent its most important object,It’s personal,Oh,wrong,Should be called a ghost。
It’s the first friend in Huahuaguisheng,If nothing happens,This magic weapon will accompany it for life。
Especially the pair of yin and yang fish in the middle of the magic weapon,At the beginning,Two round black and white two dots,Like human eyes,Blinking blinking flashes of spirituality。
When Xiaogui Huahua’s innocent and clear eyes looked at this magic weapon,The black and white double dots of the magic weapon actually look at Huahua like a response、Look at。
At this moment,Little ghost Huahua likes to die this magic weapon of spiritual abnormality。
When I heard Dad was going to name the magic weapon,Little ghost flower full of joy、Looking forward to the birth of a good name。
A magic weapon for spiritual abnormality,Of course it must be accompanied by a super nice name。
From the warmth when my father Zhao Dabao appeared、kindly,So far、High mountain,Xiaogui Huahua has been completely convinced by Zhao Dabao。