Cuntou Laojiu is too sad to watch the giant spirit god、Too confused,Take the wind from the walk、Awe-inspiring want to give Zhao Dabao off,I want to overwhelm this tycoon。

But never expected,Just said half a sentence,And the tycoon ran out of electricity。
At this moment,Asked again by the rich man,Asking is gaping。Don’t give the boss some confidence at this time,May be truetmWas completely trapped by the rich and powerful。
Don’t you say,Cuntou Laojiu’s explanation is soothing,Really calmed the spirits of the giant spirit god a lot。
Glancing at Cuntou Laojiu with a hint of gratitude,The Giant Spirit God can finally speak slightly:
“Bao Ye,you flatter me,Our four diamonds are one,No matter how high or low。Bao Ye,look,Are we going···”
I just calmed down,The first King Kong whose speech has become slightly normal is about to speak。
suddenly,The corner of the giant spirit god’s eyes tightened、Eyes must,This is fear、Nervous performance,Because of the wicked thing on the opposite side, the pause gesture appeared again。
The reappearance of the pause gesture,The crying heart of the giant spirit god,Can this make people talk??Can this be fun??What is this going to do?Just said two sentences and paused again?
Giant spirit god at this time,All circles in the eyes,And it keeps spinning、move
Shifted circle。
The giant spirit god is also completely convinced,Got it,Let this tycoon say it,What he says is what,ItmNo longer distinguish。
Only one idea now,Only one purpose——
As long as this wicked turtle can agree to start gambling,I listen to what he said,Absolutely not refuting。
Simultaneously,I won’t allow my second child、They retorted,Hurry up,Or it’s dawn,Juyuan Casino is completely finished。
Seeing the giant spirit god shut up immediately,Ready to listen to Zhao Dabao’s instructions,Many gamblers present were completely stunned。
Today these gamblers participating in the gambling,Although there are no big people,But there are not a few small and wealthy people worth millions。Especially small bosses from all walks of life like Gong Xiaoshan,Accounted for a quarter of today’s gambling。
These little bosses basically started from the bottom of society,Experience,Venomous,Extremely accurate。