So Zhao Dabao is going to be busy after this time,He will study the escape technique,To be truly invincible on the planet Earth。

In this case,once、In case you run into a real person who cannot be beaten,Let’stmOiled the soles of his feet and ran without a trace。I want to catch up with me, Zhao Dabao,No door。
For this,Zhao Dabao has extremely firm confidence。
I think about this too,100% of the robbery must be carried out,Now that I discovered such a good way to get rich,Or hurry up,My right family,Right friend,The right country,Right from the nation?
National revitalization,National development,Friends get rich,Family’s fortune,This requires my Zhao Dabao to implement the robbery as soon as possible。
By the time,Use everything abroadtmGrab it back,As for how to divide it back?
Till now。
Now Zhao Dabao has contacted the Qin family and all the alliance forces,Let all resources go all out to find materials with spatial attributes,Ready to manufacture a batch of storage utensils in large quantities,Where else can I install it after grabbing it??
As for the gambling game today,You want to talk about Zhao Dabao
No motivation to rob easily,Not realistic。
Only after robbing Baimadi Mansion ,Ordinary mundane things return,This kid really looks down on。
Anyway,This kid holding,Since it is a chivalrous man doing good deeds,Just grab some points,The meat on the grasshopper’s legs is also considered meat,Although small、Finer,At least better than nothing。
As the saying goes,The thief does not go empty,Robbed me,Not empty-handed?