Along that easy road,We drove the car to the beach,Only then did I discover the beauty of the iron plate,It turns out that things are connected to each other,An iron road is formed by the beach,Although the distance is not long,But this scale is already quite impressive。

It seems that they used this iron plate to lay the path for loading and unloading goods,Unexpectedly, it added conditions for our escape。
The pickup truck quickly drove off the iron road,Those guys are chasing,Someone fired,The bullet hit the outside of our car,I’m a little worried about those cylinders of gasoline,Fortunately, the bullet did not hit the oil barrel。
Wenru drove fast and steady,It didn’t take long for those foreigners to be thrown away,But the trouble also came,Driving on the beach is very difficult,I almost got stuck in the sand a few times,So Wenru can only open towards the border between the forest and the beach,But in this way I have to avoid those coconut trees,Plus our dark night journey,So the difficulty has increased a lot。
After a night of tossing,It’s almost dawn,Drove hard along the beach for a long time,The slower the car,Later, I just sank into the sand and didn’t move.。
Suddenly there was a roar of cars in the distance behind him,A few beams of car lights shine,I was lucky, I immediately tightened my nerves,It seems that this battle cannot be avoided!
Su Mei told us to get off the car,Just jumped out of the car,The tied king suddenly turned and ran towards the woods,He Ziqi changed his hand and grabbed Wen Ru’s machete and rushed towards him,Su Mei grabbed her:“Hurry back to me!I’ll find him later!“
The situation is very tense,There seem to be three cars here!
I don’t know how many foreigners are in it,Analyze carefully,Several foreigners died before fighting on the cliff,Then they were assassinated again,Four killed by Su Mei,Counting them, they lost a lot of personnel,And Cao Ma’s face is not there,It is estimated that he took someone into the inner island when he trembled with the savage last time,That said,The only people who came were the guards of the harbor and the cave,The real main force did not come!
At a distance of tens of meters from us,Those foreigners fired,Bullets whizzing towards us,Hit the sand and splash a pillar of sand more than one meter high!At this critical moment,Su Mei rushed behind the car,Lifted out the gasoline drum in the car,A bullet grazed her shoulder with a red tracer,She tore a piece of her clothes with a chuckle,I rushed forward to help her lift the oil drum down,And hide them behind the tree。
Bullets shot over,Cover us like a rainstorm,The intertwined firepower hit the surrounding grass blades,The air is filled with a strong smell of gunpowder smoke,The lights are getting closer,Those cars stopped twenty meters away from us,Shooting stopped soon,I hear Mike’s voice ringing:”You are surrounded,Come out and surrender!I can spare you!“
I pulled the trigger at where Mike was calling,Da da da da da da da da da da,I can’t control the gun power and almost let go,The bullet shot sparks on the opposite car,Those guys are one again**Stormy shooting,I noticed they were scattered around,The cat pushes towards us!
These guys are professional killers,So many people were killed by us,They must retaliate wildly!We will not survive if we get caught again!
Su Mei raised the dragon stick again,Under the lights,I noticed her face was very pale,Looks a little physically exhausted,I suspect she used the dragon stick to exhaust her energy,That’s why this weakness!When she closed her eyes and chanted,I pat her shoulder,Stop her from continuing to use that thing!
I didn’t expect Su Mei to faint softly on the ground,I started bleeding again in my nose!I rub!Really unlucky!There was a chaser in front, the now capable master fainted again,This is for us to jump into the fire pit!
Su Mei’s backpack suddenly noticed!So I quickly unpacked her backpack to see,It’s full of dark stuff,But not all**,There seems to be other things。
I dare to take up a hand. mine,I’ve never used this stuff,I don’t know if I can succeed!I remember it was mentioned in the movies I watched before,Said that this thing needs to open the buckle to explode,And also delay a few seconds!