When Zhao Dabao pondered Master Jianyi,Master Jian Yi is also playing Zhao Dabao’s idea。

Find ways to get Zhao Dabao into the teacher’s door,Used by teachers,This kind of thought appeared in Jian Yi’s mind,Out of control。
Master Jianyi,Has become amiable,The former indifferent expert、Peerless look has long been thrown out of the clouds。
Like an uncle next door,The harmony and closeness to Zhao Dabao in my eyes,Smile lines,Like a lake spreading on his face。
“cough、cough,I said,Master Zhao,Shall we talk for a while??”
Listening to Master Jian Yi asking to chat with Zhao Dabao for a while,The eyes of many onlookers of the rich are going to stare out。
Just now,just now,Master Jianyi didn’t listen to Zhao Dabao’s nagging,Regardless of influence、He did not hesitate to use his magical power,To stop Zhao Dabao’s off-track topic。
And before the awakening sound,Master Jian Yi stopped Zhao Dabao’s nagging more than once,Repeatedly and solemnly asked Zhao Dabao to talk about business。
How come the old hen becomes a duck now,Asked to chat for a while?
Isn’t Master Jianyi afraid of Zhao Dabao’s wicked nagging?,Master Jianyi suddenly woke up,Like nagging。
This is also amazing,A person’s personality will change in an instant?
Could it be that Master Jianyi was possessed by a ghost,And it’s a smasher who likes to nag?
Can’t,Who is Master Jian Yi?
A master of spells who specializes in exorcism and ghost。
If there is a ghost, I dare not go to Master Jianyi
Lean on,Too late to hide,How dare to lean up,Isn’t that a mouse to escort the cat??