“Oh?”Hattori Jinghua heard Mouri Kogoro’s words,Smiled meaningfully,“I don’t know what lies I told you?”

“A lot。”Tang Ze smiled and said:“For example, Ms. Jinghua, you obviously have a bad bronchial tube,Will cough when encountering dust,But said that my hobby is knitting sweaters。
Obviously already married,But said he was single,I also specially used band-aids to cover the ring marks on the ring finger,Obviously the ring finger is because of the blood circulation system,Looks very thin。”
“Also when we watch breakfast,I just watched the fish fillets in miso soup,You know what kind of fish you used,This shows that you are good at cooking。”
“Maori Kogoro”’S voice sounded immediately,Conan asked the most curious question,“The last is what you said at Polo Coffee Shop“REIKO”what exactly is it?
I asked Conan to consult the forensics staff who have read this book,Did not call“REIKO”What about the role of。”
“iced coffee!”
These two sentences immediately attracted everyone’s attention,Everyone turned their heads to look at the male voice with an obvious accent in the hallway,It was Hattori Heiji who said the first half sentence!
And by his side,Far mountain[Penqu Island ]He Ye Zheng smiled and waved to everyone。
Comparing with He Ye,At the moment Hattori Heiji is a little embarrassed。
Hattori Heiji, who was robbed of his lines, was choked to death,Like a duck pinched by its neck, it suddenly stopped,This is not overwhelming,Looks a little funny。
But I haven’t waited for Conan to gloat,Tang Ze’s next words directly solidified his expression。
“In Kansai,“iced coffee”Is pronounced“REIKO”,She said she wanted iced coffee,But midway, I suddenly remembered that this would reveal her identity as a native of Osaka,That’s why I changed my mouth immediately。”
Tang Ze took a deep look at where Conan was hiding,Said with a smile:“Conan didn’t order a cup of iced coffee,After that, Ms. Jinghua said that it would be exactly the same.。”
Conan heard this,The whole person is bad。
The clue clearly happened beside me,But I didn’t find out?