Is the old white horse stupid??

Of course not stupid!
Since it’s not stupid,When it sees mynah,The first thought of Old Ghost White Horse is 100% dodge——Don’t let magic weapons be deducted,otherwise,Can’t find a place to cry。
A magic weapon that did not exert its power,And a magic weapon that just detains the old ghost’s arbitrary power,That’s the difference between heaven and earth。
This is like a powerful landmine,Great power is not fake,But don’t step on,What about this powerful landmine?
The old ghost of the white horse just wants to cry without tears,It really stepped on a landmine by itself,And I stepped on it。
This series of operations,Seeing the brilliant colors in Zhao Dabao’s eyes,it is good,it is good,Unexpectedly, this Huahua three ghost combination,To show such high efficiency。
OK,OK,The combination of these three ghosts is on the road of future development,Absolutely cultivated value。
Today’s Huahua Sangui combination has fully utilized the suddenness of the sneak attack,Plan coherence,The regularity of mood fluctuations with the old ghost。
This series of sneak attacks,A physical blow,There is no opportunity for the old ghost of the white horse to exert the kind of internal energy and external energy of Master Ming Jin.,There is no time to use the magical power of the mental power body。
It can be said,When Huahua Sangui was designing a sneak attack plan,Completely based on one’s own strengths、Fight against the shortcomings。
The old ghost of the White Horse as a spiritual body,The best is of course the spell attack,The shortest is physical skills。
If it weren’t for the sudden attack of the Huahua Three Ghosts,,Plan continuity,And feel the old ghost’s mood、Volatility of thinking,Can’t achieve ultimate control of magic weapon at all。
Between these three,Which link has the problem,Will give the old white horse a chance to relax。
Once there is a chance to relax,Clean up the flowers and other three ghosts with the cultivation of the old ghost of the white horse,Not easy yet、Hand in hand。
At this time, the old white horse ghost trapped in the magic treasure myna tower is roaring again and again,Howling like a wild wolf hit by a shotgun。