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Oliver rose from the ground and let up his adversary.

“We have had a little difficulty, Mr. Bradford,” he said. “Roland may tell you if he likes.”

“What is the trouble, Roland?” enquired the gardener.

“None of your business!” answered Roland insolently.

“You are very polite,” said the gardener.

“I don’t feel called upon to be polite to my father’s hired man,” remarked Roland unpleasantly.

“If he won’t answer your question, I will,” said Oliver. “Roland commanded me to run

and get his ball, and I didn’t choose to do it. He attacked me, and I defended myself. That is all there 佛山夜生活地址 is about it.”

“No, it isn’佛山桑拿一条龙服务 t all there is about it,” said Roland passionately. “You have insulted me, and you are going to be flogged. You may just make up your mind to that.”

“How have I insulted you?”

“You threw me down.”

“Suppose I hadn’t. What would have happened to me?”

“I would have whipped you if you hadn’t taken me by surprise.”

Oliver shrugged his shoulders.

Apparently Roland didn’t propose to renew the fight. Oliver watched him warily, suspecting a sudden attack, but it was not made. Roland turned toward the house, merely discharging this last shaft at his young conqueror:

“You’ll get it when my father gets home.”

“Your ball is in the road,” said the gardener. “It will be lost.”

“No, it

won’t. Oliver will have to bring it in yet.”

“I am afraid he means mischief, Oliver,” said the gardener, turning to our 佛山桑拿会所美女图片 hero as Roland slammed the front door upon entering.

“I suppose he does,” said Oliver quietly. “It isn’t the first attempt he has made to order me around.”

“He is a very disagreeable boy,” said Bradford.

“He is the most disagreeable boy I know,” said Oliver. “I can get along with any of the other boys, except Jim Cameron, his chosen friend. He’s pretty much the 佛山桑拿会所全套流程 same sort of fellow as Roland—only, not being rich, he can’t put on so many airs.”

“You talk of Roland being rich,” said the gardener. “He has no right to be called so.”

“His father has property, I suppose?”

“Mr. Kenyon was poor enough when he married your mother. All the property he owns came from her.”

“Is that true, Mr. Bradford?” asked Oliver thoughtfully.

“Yes; didn’t you know it?”

“I have sometimes thought so.”

“There is no doubt about it. It excited a 佛山桑拿按摩论坛蒲友 good deal of talk—your mother’s will.”

“Did she leave all her property to Mr. Kenyon, John?”

“So he says, and he shows a will that has been admitted to probate.”

Oliver was silent for a moment. Then he spoke:

“If my mother chose to leave all to him, I have not a word to say. She had a right to do as she pleased.”

“But it seems singular. She loved you as much as any mother 佛山桑拿飞机论坛网 loves her son; yet she disinherited you.”

“I will not complain of anything she did, Mr. Bradford,” said Oliver soberly.

“Suppose she didn’t do it, Master Oliver?”

“What do you mean, Mr. Bradford?” asked the boy, fixing his eyes upon the gardener’s face.

“I mean that there are some in the village who think there has been foul play—that the will is not genuine.”

“Do you think so, Mr. Bradford?”

“Knowing your mother, and her love for you, I believe 佛山桑拿会所上门服务there’s been some fraud practised, and that Mr. Kenyon is at the bottom of it.”

“I wish I knew,” said Oliver. “It isn’t the money I care about so much, but I don’t like to think that my mother preferred Mr. Kenyon to me.”