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“You say that you were taken by surprise in your sleep?” 佛山夜生活社交app said M. Formery. “You say you saw nothing, and heard nothing?”

“There was no time to see anything or hear anything. They trussed us up like greased lightning,” said the concierge.

“But the gag

was the worst,” said the wife. “To lie there and not be able to tell the rascals what I thought about them!”

“Didn’t you hear 佛山桑拿论坛0757 the noise of footsteps in the garden?” said M. Formery.

“One can’t hear anything that happens in the garden from our bedroom,” said the concierge.

“Even the night when Mlle. Germaine’s great Dane barked from twelve o’clock till seven in the morning, all the household was kept awake except us; but bless you, sir, we slept like 佛山桑拿全套2014体验 tops,” said his wife proudly.

“If they sleep like that it seems rather a waste of time to have gagged them,” whispered the Duke to the inspector.

The inspector grinned, and whispered scornfully, “Oh, them common folks; they do sleep like that, your Grace.”

“Didn’t you hear any noise at the front door?” said M. Formery.

“No, we heard no noise at the door,” said the concierge.

“Then you heard no noise

at all the whole night?” said M. Formery.

“Oh, yes, sir, we heard noise enough after we’d been 佛山南海桑拿论坛交流 gagged,” said the concierge.

“Now, this is important,” said M. Formery. “What kind of a noise was it?”

“Well, it was a bumping kind of noise,” said the concierge. “And there was a noise of footsteps, walking about the room.”

“What room? Where did these noises come from?” said M. Formery.

“From the room over our heads—the big 佛山桑拿上门服务电话 drawing-room,” said the concierge.

“Didn’t you hear any noise of a struggle, as if somebody was being dragged about—no screaming or crying?” said M. Formery.

The concierge and his wife looked at one another with inquiring eyes.

“No, I didn’t,” said the concierge.

“Neither did I,” said his wife.

M. Formery paused. Then he said, “How long have you been in the service of M. Gournay-Martin?”

“A little more than a year,” said the concierge.

M. Formery looked at the paper in his hand, frowned, and 佛山桑拿一条龙酒店 said severely, “I see you’ve been convicted twice, my man.”

“Yes, sir, but—”

“My husband’s an honest man, sir—perfectly honest,” broke in his wife. “You’ve only to ask M. Gournay-Martin; he’ll—”

“Be so good as to keep quiet, my good woman,” said M. Formery; and, turning to her husband, he went on: “At your first conviction 佛山桑拿按摩全套qq you were sentenced to a day’s imprisonment with costs; at your second conviction you got three days’ imprisonment.”

“I’m not going to deny it, sir,” said the concierge; “but it was an honourable imprisonment.”

“Honourable?” said M. Formery.

“The first time, I was a gentleman’s servant, and I got a day’s imprisonment for crying, ‘Hurrah for the General Strike!’—on the first of May.”

“You were a valet? In whose service?” said M. Formery.

“In the service of M. Genlis, the Socialist leader.”

“And your 佛山夜网 second conviction?” said M. Formery.

“It was for having cried in the porch of Ste. Clotilde, ‘Down with the cows!’—meaning the police, sir,” said the concierge.

“And were you in the service of M. Genlis then?” said M. Formery.

“No, sir; I was in the service of M. Bussy-Rabutin, the Royalist deputy.”

“You don’t seem to 佛山南海区桑拿娱乐会所 have very well-defined political convictions,” said M. Formery.

“Oh, yes, sir, I have,” the concierge protested. “I’m always devoted to my masters; and I have the same opinions that they have—always.”

“Very good; you can go,” said M. Formery.

The concierge and his wife left the room, looking as if they did not quite know whether 佛山夜生活哪里有好玩 to feel relieved or not.

“Those two fools are telling the exact truth, unless I’m very much mistaken,” said M. Formery.